The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee know that many of their customers will want to spend Valentine’s Day in the pool and they know they can help them realize that plan! Swimming pools are ideal any time of the year — just ask any pool owner — but if you can combine swimming with romance and family time, that’s a win all day!

If you live where the weather is amenable to an outdoor pool party for Valentine’s Day or if you have a hot tub and want to spend time there because the pool isn’t open — we have ideas! The outdoor living area can be cozy if you light the fire feature, use heated towels and even place space heaters and hang blankets or put down the flaps on an outdoor tent to capture the warmth.

Spend Valentine’s Day in the pool!

Here are some activities you can do on Valentine’s Day whether it will be a family and friends event or a romantic couple’s evening.

  1. Get the heated towels ready. Consider adding a couple drops of lavendar to the dryer to make them smell lovely — a couple drops of rosewater is also a romantic scent!
  2. Choose your favorite, indulgent foods for the day. Think about finger foods and foods that won’t require you to spend a lot of time in the kitchen when you should be having a romantic time. Prepare as much as you can a day ahead of time then kick back on Valentine’s Day and relax. If you’re going to have the children involved, let them pick their favorite finger food and help prepare it so they have a part in the entire festivities!
  3. Buy red tablecloths, red and white plates and napkins and heart decorations.
  4. Light red and white and heart-shaped candles.
  5. Choose your favorite romantic music.
  6. Turn down the lights and light the candles if the party goes on after the sun goes down.
  7. Play a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt with the ultimate prize being a small gift of a stuffed Valentine’s toy or another toy, a box of candies, flowers or something to make the day special.
  8. Don’t forget to take photos and videos of the fun you’re having.
  9. Enjoy some champagne (for the adults) and sparkling water (for the children) and tell one another what you love most about each other. Write those down and put them in a jar to re-read next year!

Will your pool be open in time for Valentine’s Day?