swimming pool exerciseIf you suffer back pain, you know that merely getting out of bed, or trying to sit in a chair can cause pain — never mind trying to get in shape at the gym or by jogging around the neighborhood. Relief can be found, though in a swimming pool and actually getting some sort of exercise can help ease some of the pains and symptoms of back-related issues. Getting your life back on track and gaining more range of motion by undertaking a swimming workout can help you in other aspects of your life. If you’re looking to get your life back, you should talk to your doctor and see if a swimming routine might be just the thing. If you haven’t considered a swimming pool project, now might be the time to talk to the swimming pool contractors at Tipton Pools about what steps you need to take to become the proud owner of your own pool.

From massages to taking stretching classes such as yoga or Pilates might also be a way to regain range of motion and ease your back pain issues. Swimming is a great form of exercise which not only can be undertaken by people with back pain but can also help strengthen your heart. If you’re thinking that swimming – like any other exercise program you’ve tried – will only exacerbate your back pain you might be pleasantly surprised.

When you’re in the water, you are taking the pressure off of your back because the water’s buoyancy works with you rather than gravity which can work against you and put more stress on your joints. Swimming means you’re going to feel like you’re carrying a lighter load. Additionally, swimming improves your body’s circulation and enhances lung capacity and strengthens your heart, all of which can lead to better health overall. Strengthening your core muscles – which are crucial to supporting your back — while swimming might actually lead to less overall back pain.

If your doctor agrees that swimming might be just the ticket to ease your back pain, make certain you don’t ever go swimming alone in the event you have a back spasm. Also, avoid swimming if you’ve just taken medication or muscle relaxers for your back pain.

Don’t jump into the swimming pool thinking you have to swim dozens of lengths or that it’s a race to and from one end to another. You’re simply using the swimming pool as a way to loosen your muscles and hopefully ease your back pain. Opt for short swim sessions – 30 minutes – every other day and work on swimming lengths at your own pace. If you’re looking for weight loss as an added benefit, though, you will need to swim fast enough to get your heart rate up. If you’re not a strong swimmer, or don’t know how to swim, you can use the swimming pool and the water’s resistance to jog back and forth as a way to still get in shape while not adding any pressure to your aching back. If your yard isn’t large enough to accommodate a full sized swimming pool but you want to reap the benefits of swimming, talk to a Knoxville, TN swimming pool builder about constructing a lap pool instead.