Tipton Pool Builders, serving customers in the Knoxville, TN says swimming eases back pain

Back pain sufferers know that is can be almost impossible to exercise because of the pain. If you own a swimming pool, though you know that swimming eases back pain. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pool Builders talk with their customers regularly about the myriad benefits of owning a swimming pool that include:

  • Health benefits
  • Lets you exercise without adding stress to your muscles and joints
  • Family memory building benefits

Swimming eases back pain

Even back pain sufferers can get in shape in a pool even when jogging, bike riding or a gym workout would prove nearly impossible because of the pain.  If you own a pool you can work out and get in shape without suffering additional pain. Getting any kind of exercise is

Own a Pool

Own a Pool

beneficial to those with back pain than sitting immobile. Loosening up your muscles and staying limber may help ease back pain. Swimming also provides range of motion and that helps in other aspects of your life.

Prior to beginning any kind of a workout routine, you may want to ask your doctor if you’re healthy enough and what you should begin with.

Here are benefits of swimming for back pain sufferers:

  • Swimming strengthen your heart and lungs and may ease back pain. If you think that swimming will exacerbate your back pain you might be pleasantly surprised.
  • In the water, the buoyancy works with you rather than gravity which works against you. Swimming means you’re going to feel like you’re carrying a lighter load.

If your doctor agrees swimming is right for you, make certain you never swim alone in case you suffer a back spasm. Don’t swim after you’ve taken medication, either.

Start with a leisurely swim. Work up to longer, more vigorous swim sessions. Opt for 30 minute swim sessions. Weight loss could be an added benefit of swimming and that might even help alleviate back pain.