Tipton Swimming Pool Builders Explain The Pool Design & Construction Process 

If you live in Tennessee you understand that when summer rolls around it is time for family and friends to gather and what better place to have those gatherings than in your own backyard with your own swimming pool? When you have worked with a Knoxville, Tennessee swimming pool contractor to have a pool constructed you will find that it is a place to watch your children play and see your family grow

Own a Pool

Own a Pool

together as you celebrate holidays, host pool parties and simply have a great time together!

When it comes to your swimming pool, it is more than just a water filled structure in your backyard, you will want to make it an integral part of your existing landscape and a major part of your outdoor lifestyle and because of that you need to work with a pool contractor that looks at the big picture — your entire yard in addition to where the pool will reside. If you work with the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools you will be receive full color two dimensional, animated, computerized design ideas on how the project will look when it’s complete — you will see your yard, the pool and the outdoor living space in full detail.


Where does the swimming pool design process begin?

Once the computer model is complete you and the pool contractor will review it, make adjustments and finalize both the overall design and the price for the project. This is the time when you will also make decisions on the color scheme for the project — from the deck, the tiles and the interior finish of the pool — you can put your unique stamp on the project with your design ideas. After that, an agreement will be prepared that incorporates all of the agreed upon items and the swimming pool project is close to being underway!

Before the project can truly get underway the team at Tipton Pools will secure all building permits on your behalf from the planning and zoning departments in the town in which you live.

When you’re searching for a pool contractor look for one that can provide you with a personalized construction schedule — this allows you the peace of mind of knowing which phase of the project should be completed and at which time frame; naturally there will need to be consideration for weather or other environmental issues. If you work with a pool builder that only builds one pool at a time, as they do at Tipton Pools, you can rest assured that your project will receive high priority because you will be the only priority!

While autumn may not seem the ideal time to begin a swimming pool project, it actually is! Most swimming pool builders slow down at this time of the year so they are better able to meet your proposed construction schedule and starting a project now means that when summer 2015 rolls around you will be able to begin enjoying your pool right away!