Etiquette may seem an old-fashioned concept, but when it comes to using the family (or a friend’s) swimming pool there should be some “rules of the pool” or swimming pool etiquette for everyone who uses the family pool.

Is there such a thing as proper behavior in a swimming pool? Yes. Yes, there is and the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools offer some swimming pool etiquette tips to ponder.

Swimming pool etiquette for everyone:

  1. Wear a bathing suit that fits; this is important if you’re entertaining and if you don’t want to put on a “show” that might be inappropriate for mixed company. Don’t wear jeans or jean shorts as they will weigh you down and could damage the pool interior.
  2. Don’t splash people who don’t want to be splashed. Sure, splashing is part of the fun you will have in the swimming pool, but some people simply don’t want to be splashed. Teach your children to be respectful of others and not splash.
  3. Don’t use the diving board when there is a pool full of people. It’s dangerous for the person using it and for the people in the water near it.
  4. Don’t roughhouse on the poolside. It can be dangerous to run and jump and to push people into the water.
  5. Shower before you use the swimming pool and shower after you get out. It’s only polite to shower before you swim to remove any sweat, perfumes, oils, deodorant, hair sprays and more. You will want to shower after to remove chlorine from your skin.
  6. If you have a toddler and he or she is still in diapers, invest in swim diapers so there are no accidents. It’s embarrassing for you – as the parent – and gross for other swimmers.
  7. If you have a wound or a bandages, stay out of the water. You risk infection and no one wants to swim in the pool and see a bandage floating past them. Also, if you have a wound or a rash, think about how you’d feel if you saw someone getting into the pool with said rash or wound you probably wouldn’t appreciate it.


What are your rules for pool etiquette?