Knoxville, TN pool builders explain fiberglass pool advantages

Swimming pools, you will find, when you begin researching them are typically constructed of gunite, aka concrete, fiberglass or vinyl liners (unless you’re going to have a natural swimming pool constructed in which case you will likely not have any kind of shell.

There are myriad advantages and disadvantages to each type of pool, but in this article we will focus on the benefits of a fiberglass swimming pool. The pool builders from Tipton Pools offer these as the benefits:

  1. Contrary to popular belief fiberglass pools do not “float.” The shell will not rise out of its structure. If you work fiberglass poolwith a swimming pool contractor who knows what he’s doing, the shell will be properly installed and will not move. The caveat is that is must remain filled with water.
  2. A fiberglass pool comes in sizes that are sure to fit most family’s needs. They can be as large as sixteen feet wide and forty feet long and any sizes in between. There is likely a model and size that will suit what your family wants and needs in a swimming pool.
  3. When it comes to the price for a fiberglass pool, size, location in the country, accessories and the amount of work necessary to excavate the area will add to the cost of the pool, but you can plan on paying anywhere from $25,000 on up but keep in mind that this is only an average. Talking with your pool contractor will allow you to better able determine the price for your pool project.
  4. Fiberglass swimming pools are ideal for colder climates and for those areas of the country in which there are high water tables. These shells flex and move with the fluctuations in the earth beneath it because of their high tensile strength. Because a fiberglass pool will sit in the excavated hole water tables aren’t as big of an issue because the ground only needs to stay dry long enough to place the structure and fit the shell inside it.
  5. A fiberglass pool project, depending on the weather and your contractor’s schedule can be installed — start to finish — in as few as four weeks! If the weather cooperates and the landscaping isn’t a massive undertaking, this can be completed, sometimes, in a much shorter time frame.

Fiberglass is only one of the options that a potential pool owner has available and this is a small checklist of the reasons you may want to consider fiberglass.