No one wants to close the pool for the season, do they? For many areas of the country, swim season is much too short. The benefits of solar pool water heating are that once the solar heating unit is installed, all you need for warm water — and potentially a longer swim season — is sun!

When you take advantage of the sun to heat your pool water, you are going to be treated to warm water even if the sun isn’t shining on a particular day because the solar unit will store heat. Designing and adding a solar heated swimming pool unit is an easy undertaking. Not only will it save you money over using electric or gas to heat the pool water, but you’re also not using fossil fuels and you’re being environmentally friendly. Ask your installer how long it will take for you to see a return on your investment from the installation. 

The benefits of solar pool water heating

The key to a successful solar pool heating installation is that it needs to be placed strategically in the yard to make full advantage of the sun. This means, not letting the panels be blocked by trees or the afternoon shade from your house, for example. Even in areas of the country where the sun doesn’t shine almost every day of the year (like it does in Arizona, for example) a solar pool heater can save you money, heat the water and make it comfortable for swimming for more months of the year. 

If you’re looking for another way to keep your pool water warm, consider a dark-colored pool bottom. Dark colors absorb heat and then slowly release it. If you have a darker colored pool bottom, you will need to make sure you have pool lighting installed to make it safer for night time swimming. If you live in an extremely hot climate, a light colored pool will reflect the heat and if you don’t want to swim in bathwater warm pool water, opt for a light-colored pool bottom.

Talk with us when we pay a service visit and discover the cost for a solar pool system installation and see if it makes sense for your pool.