You love your pool, right? Are there ways to love it even more? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools, Inc. In Knoxville, TN offer tips for enjoying your pool even more. Is that even possible?

Just like many things you have invested in in the past, sometimes you just get bored of it. It is easy to get bored of your swimming pool — especially if all you do is jump in, swim a few laps then jump back out. Yawn.

Tips for enjoying your pool even more

What can you to do breathe new life back into your pool and into the fun you may have in it? Here are five suggestions.

  1. Hire a pool service contractor. If you don’t have to worry about cleaning the pool before you use it, you will have more fun in it! Calculate how much it costs you to invest in the pool chemicals and the time you spend and see if it might be less expensive to have a contractor clean the pool. You may be pleasantly surprised and you will certainly have more enjoyment in the pool!
  2. Have fun while losing weight. You don’t want to always think of weight loss when you don your swimsuit — it’s just a happy event that goes along with swimming. Invest in waterproof exercise equipment or a kickboard and have fun while you work out. Playing and chasing your kids in the pool water allows you to get in shape without even trying!
  3. Keep the pool liner safe and without tears by not wearing sharp jewelry or earrings in the pool. Don’t wear anything sharp on your clothes — like a belt — to prevent rips.
  4. No one swims alone. When you swim with a friend or family member, it’s just more fun AND it’s always safer to swim with someone than to be in the pool by yourself.
  5. Throw a pool party! Your friends will thank you and there is no way you won’t enjoy your swimming pool more than when you are sharing time in it with friends! Make it an impromptu party and ask friends to bring a dish to pass. Toss a few hots and hamburgers on the grill and viola — instant party!

There are a lot more ways in which to have fun in your pool — a diving board, a slide, a fountain, beach entry, rock waterfall… just ask us. You’ll be amazed!