Vanishing Edge Pool in Abbingdon,VA

Beautiful Vanishing Edge Pool in Virginia

This vanishing edge pool was built in Abbingdon,VA last year. Note the breath taking view of the Virginia country side. Designed and built to the high standards of the discerning client utilizing bluestone decking and natural boulders to complete the setting.



Don't Fall


View from the walkway over the pool details the

elevation changes from the pool to the valley and

river below.The difficulty of the construction of

the pool is shown here as the vanishing edge

catch pool is placed on the edge of the steep drop

off to the valley.


Catch The Water



This fountain nearing completion includes the

bronze statues of young girls playing with water.

Becoming the focal point for the entry of the

home in a very exclusive neighborhood which

overlooks the beautiful Tennessee River.





Vanishing edge pools over a very dramatic illusion

that everyone can appreciate.This pool has a fanatastic

view of the Tennessee river below and includes

a hot tub and a child’s pool with a fountain nozzle

that can be utilized when not in use for the





The view from above provides a better

perspective of the property that sloped down

to the river.When viewing from the pool deck the

property disappears providing the illusion of the

pool becoming a part of the river. as shown on

the next picture.



Vanishing edge pools are truly amazing and the

illusion of an infinite view is well worth the

addition cost associated with them.