Are there ways to enjoy your swimming pool more? Do you still absolutely love it? Are you looking for things to do other than playing volleyball, treasure hunt, jogging from side to side or swimming laps? Yawn… we sure are! Many pool owners in Knoxville, Tennessee have spent more time in their pools in 2020 than they may have in previous years — thank you coronavirus.

The swimming pool builders from Tipton Pools in Tennessee have been talking to many of their customers and are always getting asked for ways to enjoy the pool more without having to spend a lot of money or do a pool renovation.

  1. Swimming is fun
  2. Swimming is a great way to exercise
  3. Swimming is relaxing

Those are all great reasons, but we have more!

Ways to enjoy your swimming pool more

  1. Lose weight without putting pressure on yourself. Yes, you may need to or want to cut calories, but when you jump in the pool to play with family or swim laps you are getting a great, full-body workout without breaking a sweat BUT you’re getting major benefits.
  2. Turn the pool maintenance and service over to a pool service pro. If you don’t have much free time, you probably don’t want to spend all your time cleaning the pool. Give us a call so when you’re free you can swim, not clean.
  3. If you have a vinyl liner pool you will have more fun if there are no tears. Keep jewelry and all sharp toys and objects out of the pool
  4. Pool safety is paramount and that means you need to Implement rules of the pool to keep everyone safe. This may not seem like a way to enjoy your pool more, but it is. Learn CPR. Make sure no one ever swims alone.
  5. Pool parties are one of the best ways to enjoy a pool! Have a party. Have fun. Relax. Enjoy your summer! When you have a pool, your home is “party central.”

Whether you want a new pool or a pool remodeling project this summer, reach out to us. If you want to turn over pool service and maintenance to a pro so you can enjoy swim time, give us a call!