Landscaping plays such a role in the enjoyment you and your family have around the swimming pool and the outdoor living space. Now is the season for browsing seed and plant catalogs and talking with your pool contractor to ask what are the best poolside plants?

The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee offer some low maintenance but beautiful poolside and outdoor living space options. Look for plants that provide movement when the wind blows, that won’t overtake the area and that require little watering. Some pool owners look for colors in flowers and plants that offer a contrast from the crystal clear blue of the water. Consider, too that plants can also form a privacy barrier around the pool — that might be welcome, depending on how close your neighbors are.

What are the best poolside plants?

  1. Adding shrubs to the poolside space can easily add a privacy barrier as well as being beautiful. Shrubs can also be planted together in groupings or scattered around the pool with other plants and flowers planted between them. Look into hydrangeas when you’re looking for poolside planting options. Hydrangeas grow tall and are beautifully colored. A hibiscus adds a feeling of the tropics with its large blossoms.
  2. Succulents are ideal for those hot, arid climates and for those pool owners who want a truly low maintenance plant that requires very little water. Succulents are prized for their size and variety. They can be planted in moveable planters and that gives you the option to rearrange and update the look of your poolside space.
  3. Planting trees is something many homeowners consider when they want to have shade in their yards. The type of tree you plant by the pool though needs to be chosen wisely. You don’t want a tree with long-reaching roots, one that lures birds and bees or that drops leaves and sap into the pool and on the deck. Consider dwarf palm trees or even dwarf sized fruit trees.
  4. Look for plants that are hardy enough to survive chlorine treated water getting splashed on them.
  5. Double duty plants. There are some herbs that are beautiful, easy to tend and that may keep mosquitoes from plaguing the poolside! Mint can also keep away spiders, if that is a concern. Many herbs, especially mints will take over a space and unless you want your entire poolside space taken over by them, you will want to plant judiciously.

Plants and trees can add to the ambiance and beauty of your poolside space. Give us a call and let’s talk about your landscaping ideas and get your project planned out.