How much thought have you given to the type of pool steps your swimming pool will have? We’ve found that not everyone has given much thought to what kind of pool steps you should get, but it is a question to think about. What kind of pool seps should you get? This question is one you wil ponder during the phase of your pool project in which you’re determining how you will use the pool, its construction material and how much space you want to devote to ingress and egress.

Talk with your Knoxville, Tennessee swimming pool contractor about the type and style of steps you want as it relates to the shape of your pool, the yard space you have available and the mobility of the people who will potentially use the pool.

What kind of pool steps should you get?

Here are some of the questions to have answered and options to consider:

  • The type of pool will determine the type of stairs or ladder. A vinyl liner or gunite construction will be another determining factor.
  • If you have a lap pool you don’t want to devote valuable swimming real estate to steps that can get in the way of your lap swims.
  • If you use a ladder, will it be easy enough for everyone to use? Is there someone with a mobility issue who may not be able to use the ladder? If so, that may make installing pool steps as part of the construction project make more sense. Remember, too, if you have a ladder you need to have safety measures in place to prevent young children from getting wedged behind the ladder.
  • Pool stairs are typically installed in the shallow end of the pool and will have a hand railing.
  • Beach entry is another form of stair, but this requires you devote more yard space to the pool as you will need a long, gradual slope for a beach entry.

Look at several styles of pool steps and ladders and make a choice that is right for your family. No matter what you chose it will help make your pool even more fun and easy to get into and out of!