The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee focus their talents and construction expertise on gunite aka concrete swimming pool project. Why concrete pools are a popular choice is a question they get asked regularly.

There are many reasons that concrete aka gunite is a construction material that many pool owners choose. The other choices for construction materials are fiberglass or vinyl liner. Concrete pools are more durable, won’t spring a leak the way a vinyl liner pool can and are also able to be built in a variety of designs.

Why concrete pools are a popular choice

When a concrete pool is constructed, a hole is excavated to your pool design specifications then rebar is placed as is the plumbing and electrical work before concrete is sprayed over the framework. When the concrete is sprayed on it makes it easier for your pool contractor to shape the basin (the inside swim area) of the pool.

In addition to being able to choose a design of your dreams — your pool can be designed to mold in with the landscaping or you can have a design that defies description. Having such a unique ability for a pool design is simply not possible with fiberglass or vinyl liner pools.

When you are choosing to have a concrete swimming pool you will also have a variety of finishes from which to choose. The finishes can complement the outdoor living space or your house or it can be a completely different look. Talk with us about having pebbles or cut glass as part of the finish for your concrete pool.

Concrete, and other building materials, too allow you to have such structures as a rock waterfall, sunshelves, custom designed steps, a beach entry and more.

Because concrete pools are the top of the line in construction it will also bring with it a higher price tag, but if you’re looking for a unique pool that none of your friends or neighbors will have, give us a call and let’s design your concrete pool.