You’ve spent quite a bit of money on your swimming pool and have worked with your swimming pool contractor from Tipton Pools to get it completed, You may be wondering what you can do do landscape around the pool and the outdoor living space that is budget friendly and aesthetically pleasing. We have 3 inexpensive landscape ideas you can try until you get the budget for a major outdoor living space upgrade and/or renovation.

Talk to any new pool owner and they will tell you they thought they didn’t really need to put money into a poolside landscaping project, ask them a few months or a year after they’ve had their swimming pool and they will tell you they wish they had invested money on some sort of landscaping.

3 inexpensive landscape ideas

Sure, you want the sun to help warm the pool water, but if the pool is in total sun all of the time, it will be uncomfortable to rest and relax there if you’re unable to escape. Heating the pool water with the sun is great in theory, in practice think again — a pool that is in full sun will become a swimming pool filled with bath temperature water and that just isn’t refreshing on a hot summer day.

If you want to lounge poolside — because you will spend more time around the pool than you will in it — if you have somewhere to relax, you may find it’s too hot to do that if you are in full sun.

There are ways in which you can shade the poolside area and they range from inexpensive to expensive. Check your budget and if you have one that is big enough to allow you to construct a pool house or a shaded gazebo or even a two or three sided pool cabana, then go for it! If, however, you can’t budget for that right now, here are our ideas for inexpensive ways to cool off and shade the pool area.

  1. Awnings. You can have a retractable or permanent awning installed poolside. The awning can extend from the house or it can be a freestanding structure if your pool isn’t close enough to your house.
  2. Potted plants. These can be moved from area to area to “redecorate” your poolside space. You can invest in potted plants in varieties of heights and styles and you can even have live or artifical plants (depending on how much care you want to undertake). Potted plants can provide shade to an entire side of the pool or cast shadows on your lawn furniture ot make it more comfortable to sit outside.
  3. Umbrellas – these movable shade providers come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. They swivel, can be lowered, raised and moved to provide either more sun or less.

Be careful about planting treest poolside — if they grow too tall their roots can damage the pool plumbing and they may start to drop leaves, sap and other debris into the water. If you’re looking for a way to get some relief from the sun when you’re poolside, give us a call and let’s look at the pool area and your existing landscaping.