The new year is only a week old and summer may feel like a long way off, but we want to give you 4 items to consider for the 2021 pool project you’re planning. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that you need to be comfortable and be able to have a lot of fun when you’re stuck in your home.

Don’t let too many more weeks go past without reaching out to a swimming pool contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee about your family’s pool construction project. There are so many options and things to consider when planning your swimming pool and putting together the budget for the project not the least of which is the shape and placement of the pool.

A gunite swimming pool provides the widest variety of shape options, but it also comes at the highest price point. With gunite aka concrete, if you can imagine it you can have it! The ins and outs of your swimming pool project don’t end with the type of construction –gunite, vinyl liner or fiberglass — but that is a good point from which to start.

Your budget for the project will drive the majority of the construction and what you can have as part of your project. Let us know, up front, what you can afford for the entire project. An “entire” project includes the construction, excavation, the individual pieces of equipment for the pool, cover, heater, deck and more. Remember, a $50,000 budget for “the pool project” isn’t just for the structure — it will encompass all that goes into the project. Let us know what are your cannot-live-without items and we can help you put the project together from there.

4 items to consider for the 2021 pool project

Lighting, a hot tub, the deck, accessories such as a rock waterfall, fountains, sunshelves and others are also options for your pool project if the budget can support it. We do recommend investing in the highest level of efficiency in pool equipment as that will save money over the course of your pool life.

Here are items you want to think about when talking with us about your new pool project this year.

  • Is the pool going to be a party hot spot or do you envision it as a place to relax and unwind — or both?
  • Will the swimming pool be used more often by the children to play in or by you for exercise or both?
  • How many people do you anticipate using the pool at the same time?
  • Will the pool be constructed in a secluded corner of the backyard or next to the house in a style that complements it?

Know your budget. Know what you absolutely have to have in your pool and know what items are negotiable. Give us a call and let’s talk about your project. When we pay a site visit we practice social distancing, wear masks and gloves and keep you and our crew safe. Give us a call today!