Are you cleaning the pool yourself all of the time? Do you have a pool service contractor who does your pool maintenance for you? Regardless of the level of pool care, the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN offers 5 DIY pool cleaning hacks to keep the pool cleaner between service visits.

The reason to DIY your pool maintenance between visits is to help keep the pool water clean. Keeping up with cleaning between visits can also help potentially lower the cost of your pool maintenance contract. Honestly, just knowing how to clean your pool is a big help in case you ever have to do it — for whatever reason.

5 DIY pool cleaning hacks

Some of these are unique and fun but they all help with water quality and are easy!

  • A pair of panty hose is a great debris collector. Wrap a pair around the skimmer basket. This will keep large pieces of debris from getting into it and clogging it.
  • Swimming pools have main drains in the bottom of the swimming pool. The main drain pulls water from the pool and circulates it through the filter. If you own an above ground pool it won’t have a main drain, jut an FYI. Use the manual pool vacuum to act as a way to clear water more quickly because it will suck in more water, faster and that can help circulate chemicals.
  • Swimming pools that use DE filters trap the debris in the DE and help keep the pool cleaner. If you use a sand filter, add a cup of DE to help boost the cleaning capabilites of the filter.
  • Use a paste of water and baking soda to clean pool tiles and whiten them. It is a way to clean without chemicals and the same mixture can be used to clean any calcium build up at the water line. The paste won’t impact the water chemistry.
  • Buy a tube of tennis balls and toss one into the pool. The felt on the ball will absorb suntan lotion, body oil and other organic materials in the water and keep the water cleaner. A tennis ball can also be used in the hot tub. Remove the tennis ball once it’s done its job.

DIY hacks may cut down on your cleaning time and may also keep the pool water cleaner — win-win.