Aaaahhh a hot tub! They are great in the summer but many hot tub and spa owners enjoy them in the cooler months of the year. Getting a hot tub? 7 tips for buying one and shopping for one that you may not have thought about. The hot tub and swimming pool contractors at Tipton Pools, serving Eastern Tennessee have tips to help your shopping experience great!

Hot tubs are sometimes added by pool owners because they don’t want to give up spending time in the water — even after swim season has passed.

Getting a hot tub? 7 tips

Have fun when shopping for your hot tub or spa and keep these tips in mind

  1.  Wear a bathing suit because you will want to get into a hot tub to determine where you want the seats and where and what kind of jets you want.
  2. Know your options and don’t buy the first one you see.
  3. Let us know where you want the hot tub placed. On a deck? In a seperate area of the yard? Into an end of your pool? These decisions will add to the information we need and the estimate we work up.
  4. How will you use it? Exercise? Relaxation? Some of each? This will help determine the type of jets you want, too.
  5. How many people do you anticpate will be in the hot tub regularly? Don’t buy a huge hot tub because you may have a party that has a lot of people — buy one to fit the average number of users
  6. What id the budget for the hot tub and all the set up and equipment
  7. Who will care for and maintain the hot tub? Don’t forget to factor that cost in. It can certainly be a DIY, but you should decide in the beginning even though you can change your mind at any time!

Give us a call and let’s talk about your hot tub project today!