You may feel uncomfortable asking friends and family to shower before they get into the swimming pool, but there are very good reasons for it. The swimming pool contractors in Knoxville, Tennessee at Tipton Pools share 5 reasons to shower before swimming — some of those are for the benefit of the pool water, others for the safety of those in the pool.

If you remember, when you were in school you had to shower before and after swimming — it’s the same concept. Pool owners who have pool houses have an easier way and place to ask friends to shower before a swim, but even if you don’t they can shower indoors or you could set up an outdoor shower — ask us how to do that.

Showering before swimming will remove sweat, dead skin cells, the residue of lotions, deodorants, hair spray and other items on their skin. In the area of covid-19 (even though the germs cannot be passed through swimming – it’s just best to be as clean as possible before swimming.

5 reasons to shower before swimming

The practice of showering isn’t one that is usually enforced, but it is a good idea and you should implement it as a rule of the pool! Your friends may think there is no reason to shower because they are getting into the water, after all!

Here are reasons to shower before you swim:

  1. As mentioned above, it’s a way to remove contaminants and bacteria. Unless you just showered, your body has “stuff” on it that can contaminate the pool water — sweat, shampoos, deodorant, urine, fecal matter (gross, but true) and more.
  2. Your friends should take it as a common courtesy they are offering you if you ask. You’re inviting them to swim, they should easily comply. When you shower before jumping into the pool at a friends’ house you let them know you are being respectful of their water and hope they will return the favor at your home.
  3. If you shower first the water will be cleaner and safer. Pools use chlorine to sanitize the water and kill bacteria; if you aren’t bringing as much bacteria into the water, fewer chemicals may be needed.
  4. The pool equipment will last longer and the pool itself will not be subject to chemical build-up if fewer are used. Also, too much lotion and oils, etc. could lead to a “bathtub” ring effect.
  5. You could save money on pool maintenance. If guests shower first.

Set the example by showing your guests that you are showering first — even if you have already been in the pool before they arrive. Let them know how much you appreciate them and what they’re doing! Let us know, when we pay our next service visit if you want to talk about having an outdoor shower structure installed or if you want to go all out and have a pool house, with a shower and bathroom, constructed.