It’s not like you need a reason to throw a swimming pool party, but if you’re still looking… we have 5 tips for a great July 4 pool party. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools, in Knoxville, Tennessee offer tips for throwing the best pool party and also remind you to have your pool cleaned before the party and again after it.

July 4 — or any day — really is an ideal time for a party. It’s a great way to get together with friends and family, celebrate the country and patriotism and watch fireworks together. There is nothing better than fire in the sky, right?!

5 tips for a great July 4 pool party

Chances are, by now you have been swimming for a month — probably more and you’ve been looking for a reason to invite your friends and family over. Well here it is. July 4. Hot dogs. Burgers. Sparklers. Swimming! Friends and family. What could be better?

We can’t think of anything.

Here are our tips for throwing a party to remember this year.

  1. Plan the menu. Traditional foods like hots and burgers, potato and macaroni salad, baked beans, chips, veggies, dip, corn on the cob and your favorite beverages are always welcome. You can go as fancy or as laid back and relaxed as you want. Look for cook-ahead foods and if a guest wants to bring something, let them! It is sometimes just nice to try a dish you didn’t have to cook.
  2. Make sure the pool is clean and clear. Stock up on pool noodles and inflatable toys for the kids and the adults. In-pool games are always fun — volleyball and basketball are great for organized play. Don’t forget to stock up on towels, sunblock, and dollar store flip flips for those who don’t want to run around in barefeet or put shoes back on. Don’t forget to plan games and activities for those who don’t want to swim. Croquet, bocce ball and corn hole are popular.
  3. Buy a plastic kiddie pool or two and place them in the vicinity of the big pool. Fill one with water and one with sand. Children may feel more comfortable in a smaller kiddie pool and their parents may as well. If they’re poolside and in a semi shaded area, they can have fun in the water too.
  4. You do want to be present at your party, but make sure you and your guests get photos of everyone. You want to have a record of the memories you’re making. You might even have a family member who has always been the person to document family gatherings — welcome to do just that. You may want to print out some photos and then the next year when you have your annual 4th of July pool party you can tack the photos up on a board so everyone can look back at the memories they made the year before.
  5. Decide how elaborate you want to decorate for the party. Traditional red, white and blue are always popular. Hang streamers, blow up some balloons, have colored candles and light them when the sun goes down. Place red, white and blue flowers on the tables as centerpieces and consider giving your guests a plant to take home after the party.

Safety matters.

Appoint an ¬†adult to watch out for the children or ensure that parents are watching their children. Invest in a few safety jackets — or ask guests to bring their own to help keep their children safe.

Appoint designated drivers or call a ride sharing service for your guests if they’re drinking adult beverages. Or offer your guests the opportunity to spend the night on the couch or camping out in your backyard

Above all, have fun and enjoy time with friends and family! Here’s to a happy summer!