DIY is huge. The coronavirus pandemic also showed many homeowners and pool owners that they needed to not only rely on themselves, but that it was sometimes fun to jump in and do home maintenance or even light pool maintenance on their own. Thankfully, with swimming pool maintenance, the swimming pool professionals from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN were able to clean the pool even during the pandemic because we could come in, clean the pool and there would not have to be any contact — safe and secure.

If you’re still thinking of doing a bit of DIY pool maintenance we offer these swimming pool hacks to help with routine maintenance tips.

6 Pool Maintenance DIY Hacks

  • Pantyhose can collect debris. Not sure if anyone uses or wears pantyhose anymore, but if you have some around the house, put the pantyhose around the skimmer basket. They prevent large debris from getting into the skimmer basket and the filter will collect even smaller pieces of debris.
  • Your vacuum can be used as the main drain. The main drain is at the bottom of the deep end of an inground swimming pool and pulls water into the filter. If you have an above-ground pool it won’t have the main drain. If you have a manual pool vacuum you can hook it up and place the vacuum upside down in the middle of the pool to act as the main drain to help clear your water more quickly.
  • Add DE powder to your sand filter to filter out small debris particles. A cup of DE powder added to your sand filter will boost the filter’s cleaning capabilities.
  • A paste made of baking soda and water can effectively clean grout on the pool tiles and whiten it right up. Baking soda and water is a chemical-free way to whiten grout and clean up calcium deposits at the waterline. If a little bit of the paste gets into the water it won’t negatively impact the water chemistry.
  • Toss a clean tennis ball, and toss it into the pool. It will remove any body oil, suntan lotion, make-up and other organic oil matter left behind from those using your swimming pool. Toss the tennis balls into the skimmer basket to keep performing the same task.

These easy swimming pool hacks will help save money and may even help keep the pool cleaner, longer between our service visits. Give us a call today and let’s talk about pool maintenance so you never miss a day of swimming this summer!