Your pool is closed for the season and you don’t have to worry about it at all, right? Not so fast! The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN explain there are off-season pool care tips they advise their customers and here they are.

 Off-season pool care tips

  1. Take a walk into the yard and check the pool to assure that nothing is freezing or has frozen. Many parts of the country are seeing ice and snow — those areas that may never have seen ice and snow before! If you’re in that boat, you need to assure your pool is protected and that none of the pipes have frozen. Frozen water in the pipes can lead to burst pipes and that can cause expensive damage. If your pool was properly closed, this freezing of the pipes shouldn’t be an issue, but check the equipment regularly throughout the winter.
  2. Check the pool cover and keep it clean. Vacuum or pump off any standing water. Clean off any fallen dirt or debris. Don’t remove chunks of ice as that could damage the cover. Check frequently for when the ice has melted, pump off the water and clean the cover.
  3. This is more of a “pre-pool opening” item, but add some chlorine into the water prior to the pool opening. Lift a corner of the cover and pour in some chlorine. Do this when the water thaws in the spring.
  4. Make certain the cover is always firmly in place. Check after a heavy rainfall or snowfall and after a windstorm.
  5. If the pool equipment has been covered for the winter, check it to assure it remains properly and safely covered to prevent damage. You may want to remove snow from the equipment. Don’t shovel it off because if you can’t see the equipment you may damage it with the shovel.

Ask us if you have any questions about how your pool is surviving the winter and we can come over and give it a once over for you to assure it’s protected and that your spring pool opening will be a breeze.