Is a hot tub or spa in your future? Did you know there are at least 6 types of hot tub jets to choose from? There are — and more the swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN explain when they talk with their customers.

When you choose a hot tub you are probably choosing it because you want to rest and relax and unwind in the heated water. Do you want to use your hot tub or spa for more than just that? Are you looking for deeper health benefits? If so, you will want to carefully consider the type and placement of jets for your hot tub or spa.

Once you’ve made a decision on where to have your hot tub placed — at the end of the pool, stand-alone or in the house, you will then decide on the style of and effect you want from the jets. The style determines the varied stream types in the hot tub as well as the motion of the water and different massage effects.

Decide whether you want soothing bubbles or jets that provide strong pulsation senses or deep massage and relaxing of tight muscles. You will definitely want to sit in a hot tub and determine the type and style of the jets you are most interested in.

6 types of hot tub jets to choose from

Here is a brief description of a few types of jets to get you thinking:

  • Swirl jets, provide gentle massage action. You may be able to adjust water pressure from the jets which rotate and provide relief from direct flow jets.
  • Air jets offer a constant stream of bubbles. With air jets, you receive a soothing all over massage. These are typically the lightest pressure-providing jets and are typically used when you’re looking for a hot tub or spa for relaxation purposes.
  • Whirlpool jets are those that are typically used in hydrotherapy hot tubs to treat injuries — sports complexes use them. These jets feature large, round openings and pull water from other outlets and concentrate the water pressure on your specific body areas – legs, back, etc.
  • Oscillating jets move the water in a wave-like motion and deliver a jet stream offering relief from back aches.
  • Mini jets offer intense, precisely targeted jets used for treating specific spots on your body. You can get a hot tub with mini jets clustered together and will provide a strong therapeutic effect.
  • Pulsating jets offer a powerful stream of water that digs deep down into muscles and tissues.

You can pick and choose types of jets and place them in different areas of the hot tub.

No matter what type of hot tub or a spa you invest in and whether you want it for therapeutic reasons or for beauty and relaxation. Talk with us to choose the hot tub of your dreams and the best location for it.