Is there a way to save any money when you become a swimming pool owner or are you forever going to be on a tight budget? There are at least 6 ways to save money on pool costs, but the pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee do recognize that higher utilities and other costs are part and parcel of the beauty and relaxation of owning a swimming pool — and for many, the costs are well worth it.

We regularly share tips on how to save money — and water — on your pool operations and many of the tips can be utilized without having to spend any money to make it happen. What do we mean? Well, if you have a single-speed pool pump and want to save money; you’d need to upgrade to a variable-speed pump. You will get a return on your investment but you will have to pay money upfront to make it happen.

6 ways to save money on pool costs

  1. ¬†Heat up the pool water by using a solar cover. Throw it on and let the sun help heat the water. Using a solar cover may mean you won’t have to run your pool heater as often.
  2. Perform upkeep on your pool between service visits. If you skim debris and keep the pool clean and the pump running to filter the water, it will take your pool contractor less time — and may cost you less money — for upkeep.
  3. Know how many hours you need to run the pool pump daily and you may find it’s fewer hours than you imagined it would be. Not running it could save money. We caution you, though, don’t skimp on running the pump because that will lead to potentially costly repairs. Run the pump for most of its hours overnight when the cost of electricity is usually cheaper.
  4. Add chlorine after the sun goes down. Adding chlorine in the heat of the day will cause it to burn off more quickly and that will cost more money. If you clean the pool yourself buy pool chemicals in bulk and at the beginning of the season. Ask us for a quote for upkeep and maintenance — you may find it’s less expensive to hire a pool contractor than to do it yourself. Remember, you have to not only purchase the chemicals, but you have to have a place to safely store them.
  5. Use the pool cover any time you’re not swimming. This slows the rate of water evaporation and that helps conserve pool chemicals. Using a pool cover will also keep the water cleaner and keep dirt and debris out.
  6. Use a robotic pool cleaner between pool service visits. If you don’t want to vacuum the pool yourself or if you simply don’t have time, invest in a robotic pool cleaner that can do it on your behalf.

We have other money-saving steps you can take. Ask us the next time we pay a service visit.