You love yoru swimming pool, but could you love it more? The swimming pool builders from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee offer a pool basics 101: sunshelves “lesson” as a way to help you love your pool more! Are you looking to upgrade or renovate your swimming pool? Have you thought about sunshelves?

Sun shelves add grace and beauty to the swimming pool without the need for a complete pool renovation — unless you want one. Sunshelves are ideal for those times when you want to be in the water, but don’t want to swim or be treading water! Sunshelves, placed at different locations, and varying heights in the pool allow for an intriguing way to relax in the pool.

Pool basics 101: Sunshelves

Your swimming pool builder can install sun shelves in sizes ranging from bench size to those as large as a chaise lounge or longer. If you’re prone to bouts of sunbathing, you can install shelves along the entire length of your pool.

The depth of the sunshelves can be as few as five inches to as deep as two feet. You don’t want the sunshelf at a depth that means your head would be underwater if you’re lying back. However, some pool owners want their sunshelves installed to depths of up 18 inches, but at that depth it’s unlikely  you will be able to lie back and relax as you’ll be underwater. Sunshelves as accessories for your children to play on should be wider and no deeper than 12 inches.

Place sunshelves in the shallow end of the pool, especially if you have a deep end and a diving board. The best placement for a sun shelf is so it faces the main focal point of the pool.

Talk to us if you’re considering a pool remodel or renovation and want to add sunshelves as part of the project.