A swimming pool with in-pool steps will cost you more money to have built, but the benefits you reap just might make the investment worth it. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee offer 7 reasons to get in-pool steps.

Swimming with children or with individuals who have limited mobility or who might be recovering from an injury will be best served by being able to walk down stairs instead of climbing down a ladder. The steps can be a gentle slope or they can be individual stairs with risers but you will want to have a hand railing no matter what kind of steps you decide to get in your pool.

If you’re just now in the process of talking with us about your pool project, let’s talk about stairs so you can make an informed decision for you and your family.

7 Reasons To Get In-Pool Steps

  • As mentioned, if you have mobility issues or young children steps are easier
  • They can add to the aesthetics of the pool design
  • They are durable, weather and stain resistant
  • You won’t have to worry about whether they are securely in place like you might with a ladder BUT you will want us to inspect the integrity of the hand railing
  • Steps can be made algae resistant
  • The steps could mimic a beach entry
  • Steps don’t need to be anchored and pinched fingers won’t happen
  • In pool stairs, though can take up more space in the construction and they may leave you with a smaller swim area — but their benefits outweigh that disadvantage for many

Ask us to design your pool when you’re in the initial design phase with and without steps and you can compare it by looks, price and ease. Pool stairs can also be added during a pool remodel — so don’t despair if you don’t have them and want them.