There are many breeds of dogs who love to spend time in the swimming pool with their families. If you want to swim with your dog, we have come up with 7 ways to swim safely with your dog. If you don’t want your dog in the swimming pool — and some dog owners don’t — you can set up a kiddie pool next to the family pool, fill it with water and let them play and splash there.

Some people have an “everyone into the pool!” mindset and for them that means the family pups, if they want to jump in. Swimming is a great way for your dogs to spend time with you and to cool off on a hot summer day.

7 ways to swim safely with your dog

Consider these tips from the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Memphis, Tennessee when swimming with your dog to make it safe and fun for you and your furry family members!

  1. Make sure your dog enters and exits the pool in the same way. You may need to get a ramp to help him get into and out of the pool if you don’t have a beach entrance.
  2. Don’t force your dog to swim. Not all dogs like water and some dogs should never be in water that is higher than a few inches. Bulldogs and French Bulldogs, for example, are not good swimmers. To ensure your dog is safe, put him in a doggie life vest.
  3. Hire a pet swimming coach. Dogs may have the instinct to paddle, but that doesn’t mean they are enjoying the experience. It could just be a self-preservation action.
  4. Swimming is a great way to get overweight, or old dog, healthier. Swimming will help your dog shed pounds. For older dogs who may have arthritis, swimming could be a great, gentle exercise. Make certain your dogs are wearing life vests and that you are supervising them.
  5. Mark the exit with a “landmark.” Your dog, as mentioned above, should be entering and exiting the pool from only one location and not jumping in. Mark the area with a flag or other item that he can see and work with him to make sure he understands that is his route to safety.
  6. A swimming pool with a vinyl liner could be damaged by your dog’s nails. Make sure her nails are trimmed and smooth.
  7. Discourage your dog from drinking pool water — it is full of chemicals and not safe. Make sure there is ample fresh water nearby.

Your dog may love swimming with you and you may love having her in the pool! Keep in mind that your dog can bring in dirt and debris (just like a human) so you may want to rinse or brush her before she gets in. Also, rinse the pool water off her after she gets out so the chemicals don’t stay in her fur.