How safe is your swimming pool? If you have to think about it or if you’re not sure, you may want to add a swimming pool alarm in 2020. Swimming pool alarms enhance any pool safety measures you already have — pool covers, a pool fence and others.

The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee work with their customers to help make the swimming pool the “safest room in the house.” If you’re going to have more children in the pool and if your children are getting older and more mobile, you may want to consider adding additional layers of safety. After all, no one ever said they had too many safety measures in place, right?

You may be the most attentive swimming pool owner there is, but accidents can happen and children can quickly slip out of your grasp. Swimming pool alarms keep the pool safer for your children and your pets as well.

Add a swimming pool alarm in 2020

You can add an alarm to:

  1. A wall
  2. The pool safety fence
  3. A pool safety gate
  4. The garage door
  5. The swimming pool cover
  6. The swimming pool water itself
  7. Interior house doors and windows to sound an alarm if a child goes outdoors

Consider these types of alarms:

  1. Infrared. With an infrared beam alarm, movement or the breaking of the beam will sound an alarm. If the door or gate or surface of the water is breached, the alarm will sound.
  2. Surface action. With these alarms, if the surface of the pool is broken the alarm sounds. The alarm is fitted with a sensor that detects wave movement and sends a signal to the alarm that sends an alert.
  3. Underwater alarms. These alarms are also called sub-surface alarms and work on a below the waterline sonar grid. When the underwater alarms senses activity it will send a signal and sound an alarm. This alarm requires you set it every time you’re not in the pool or it will not sound the alarm.
  4. Personal immersion alarms. With these devices your child will wear a bracelet which will sound an alarm if it gets wet. In order for this to be effective, the child must be told how important it is to never remove it.

Talk with us to assure your pool is as safe as it can be and that it’s in compliance with all local and state safety regulations.