It’s probably not a time to be thinking about a pool project is it? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN say it is time to plan your 2020 swimming pool project. When you talk with us now we may be able to begin your project, get you on our schedule and even get you some 2019 prices on equipment. It’s all a win!

Plan your 2020 swimming pool project

If you still haven’t decided if now is the time to plan your pool project, we offer some benefits of an off-season pool construction plan:  

  • You may get discounts on “last year’s” equipment or even pool construction materials. They are just as good as the “new” items being released, but manufacturers clear out items to make room for newer models and that means you could save money or even invest in higher quality equipment than you may have thought.
  • Our construction schedule is lighter now than in the height of summer. Makes sense, right? This means you could have your project done more quickly and we have the staff to devote to your project.
  • Who wants to miss a single moment of the 2020 swim season? No one, that’s who?! When you start your project now you can be ready to jump in the second the weather cooperates in 2020.

As long as the ground isn’t frozen or too wet, we may be able to start your project soon! Get your budget together for your swimming pool project then give us a call so we can talk about what you envision your pool to be and we will help you realize that dream. Once you have your budget in mind we can help you uncover sources for financing and can help you get the pool that fits your budget, too.

There truly is no time like the present to get that pool project underway. What are you waiting for?