Your swimming pool is the favorite place to be. You love swimming laps. You enjoy diving off the diving board or slipping down the slide. You wish you could find a way to be both in the water and out of the water. What?! If you add sunshelves to your swimming pool you can be both in the water — on the shelf — and out of the pool because you’re not submerged and you don’t have to tread water!

Talk with the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee about adding sunshelves to your swimming pool as part of a larger pool construction or remodeling project or as a stand-alone.

Sunshelves can be placed at various and varying levels through the pool in different areas as well. Determine how deep and wide you want them. Remember, if they are wide, it can iimpede swim area and that may not be what you’re looking for.

Add sunshelves to your swimming pool

Here are sunshelf considerations.

  1. Your pool contractor — from Tipton Pools — can install them.
  2. Determine how wide you want them (just wide enough for a body or wide enough to put a chaise lounge)
  3. How long do you want them?
  4. What depth are you considering? Sunshelves can be submerged as few as five inches or as deep as twenty four inches! Don’t get a sunshelf that will have you gasping for air when you’re sitting on it! You want to be comfortably above water — your head at least — when you’re reclining.
  5. If you have a shallow end of the pool you may want them in that space instead of the deep end.
  6. Place the sunshelf so it faces the focal point of the pool.
  7. Check sun movement and place your sunshelf in the path of the most sun shine.

A sunshelf project won’t keep your pool shut down for too long because you don’t want to give up swim time! Give us a call whether you’re looking at a small remodeling project or if you want to have your own pool constructed this summer!