How much does it cost to operate your swimming pool? Is it a staggering figure that has you asking, “could your pool be more energy efficient?” If that is the case — and who doesn’t want to save money? — give us a call and let us look at your Knoxville, Tennessee swimming pool and uncover ways to be more “green.”

The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools understand that owning a swimming pool is a major investment and it is also one that has ongoing and continual costs. Of course you want to find a way to save money. We have some ways you can do that that won’t break the bank and for which you will get a return on your investment.

Could your pool be more energy efficient?

If you could save the environment and keep money in your family budget don’t you want to know how you can make that a reality? Read on for our advice.

  1. We mention this to our customers all the time — be diligent in the use of the swimming pool cover. A pool cover will trap heated water, cut back on the water lost through evaporation and could be a safety barrier if you invest in a safety cover.
  2. Use a solar pool cover. A solar cover will help cut evaporation and trap the heated water BUT it will not act as a safety barrier. Solar pool covers typically float on the surface and are not secured in any way.
  3. Landscape and add windbreaks also act as a way to cut back on water evaporation. A windbreak can also keep the poolside space warmer and could act as a privacy barrier.
  4. Ask us about upgrading to energy-efficient pool equipment. If you’re going to need to replace equipment, the money you spend up front on high energy-efficient equipment will save you money over the long term.
  5. Change to a variable speed pump. This is one of the biggest and best investments, especially if you’re using a single-speed pump as they are very costly to operate.

These are only five of the many ways in which your pool can be more eco- and environmentally friendly ways to be a pool owner and still save money!