Swimming pool owners know they can swim laps and play pool games to get fit in a non-stress-inducing way that won’t make your bones and joints ache. What if you have a hot tub and not a swimming pool? Can you get fit in a hot tub? Yes, you can say the swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Tipton Pools explain.

Sure you can’t swim laps, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some exercises to help loosen you up and who knows, maybe you’ll even raise your heart rate enough to get a bit of a cardio workout.

These are great tips for those months of the year when the pool might be closed and you still want to feel you’re staying active and have access to the family hot tub.

Can you get fit in a hot tub?

Consider these get-fit tips for that hot tub time.

  • Shoulder shrugs and shoulder rolls will loosen up arms and neck muscles and release tension.
  • Underwater arm circles. Use the resistance of the water to work on your arms.
  • Twist from side to side. Sure you can do this outside of the hot tub, but why would you!
  • Place your hands on your hips and bend from side to side then backward and forward. You can do this from a seated or kneeling position.
  • Sit on the hot tub bench and let do leg lifts and leg circles and use the resistance of the water to help with your workout.

After you’re warmed up, try these:

  • Sit on the hot tub seat, support yourself on your arms, and keep your stomach muscles taut while bending your legs up to your chest
  • Extend your legs and stretch your toes — up and down.
  • Grab the hot tub bar, lift your legs and rotate them just as if you were riding a bicycle. Keep your stomach muscles taut and lift with your stomach, not your back.
  • Do a side leg extension by sitting on the hot tub seat and supporting yourself by your arms. Extend your legs straight in front of you, use your stomach muscles to spread your legs wide then bring them slowly back together. Flex your toes while doing this exercise.

As with any type of exercise, start out slow and add more exercises and movements. Also, make sure your hot tub water is clean and free of bacteria — give us a call and set up a time for a cleaning and maintenance visit.