A hot tub is a hot tub, right? Wrong! A hot tub requires different thoughts when you’re choosing the size and style as well as the seating and the type and placement of the hot tub jets. We have tips for choosing the best jets for your hot tub as well as its location in your yard.

Determine the placement of the hot tub, the size and then you’re on to the type and style of jets you want! The style of jets determines the varied stream and motion of the water – these are important to determine as the various styles offer different massaging effects. Give us a call and let one of our contractors from Tipton Pools and let’s talk about your hot tub project.

Choosing the best jets for your hot tub

What do you want when you’re soaking in your hot tub? Soothing bubbles or jets that provide strong pulses that deeply massage and relax tight muscles. Plan to sit in a hot tub when you’re shopping for one.

Here are hot tub jet options to consider:

  • Swirl jets – gentle massage and adjustable water pressure rotate and provide relief from the direct flow jets and they also cover more of your body than a straight-flow jet.
  • Air jets – provide a constant stream of bubbles. With air jets, your body receives a soothing all-over massage from the jets. They offer the lightest pressure and are used when looking for a hot tub or spa for pure relaxation.
  • Whirlpool jets – typically used in hydrotherapy hot tubs or pools to treat injuries. They have large, round openings and pull water from other outlets and concentrate water pressure on your specific body areas and offer a deep massage.
  • Oscillating jets – make it feel as though you have a wave-like motion and deliver a jet stream offering relief from back aches.
  • Mini jets – offer intense, precisely targeted jets and treating specific spots on your body. Mini jets that are clustered will provide a strong therapeutic effect.
  • Pulsating jets – provide a stream of water to dig down deep into your muscles and tissues. Pulsating jets can be used in conjunction with spiral or rotating jets.

No matter what kind of jets you choose, and you and you can choose a variety of them, you can adjust the pressure to address various parts of your body to provide a benefit from the jets. The jets can be positioned manually before you make your purchase to accommodate family members of various heights.

Hot tubs are ideal if you have closed your pool for the season and still want to spend time in the water. Give us a call today and let’s talk about your hot tub project.