Whew! Hot enough for ya? If you live in an area of the country that sees a lot of heat and humidity, chances are you have heard that phrase. Do heatwaves impact pool construction? That may not be something you’d ever thought about when you started planning your pool construction project.

The swimming pool contractors from Tipon Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee know, though, that inordinately high temperatures, coupled with humidity can lead to a slow down or halt in your pool construction. Most of the time a pool project will go on regardless of the heat, but if it’s too hot or too humid, it may pose a challenge.

Do heatwaves impact pool construction?

Being in the swimming pool is certainly the ideal place to be in the midst of a heat wave. Being in the process of constructing a swimming pool is not the ideal place to be during a heat and humidity wave.

What can be impacted and why because of heat and humidity?

  1. The installation of the steel. Installing steel is purely physical labor and it can be difficult on the crew if the temperatures are in the dangerous levels. In addition to their dealing with the heat, the steel itself can become scorching to the touch.
  2. Installing gunite. if you’re having a concrete aka gunite pool built the weather can impact it. The heat can impact the machinery used to mix the concrete. The compressor, in hot temperatures, can overheat. In parts of the country that don’t have humidity, the heat can impact the curing of the concrete. Fresh concrete needs moisture to cure and desert air draws all the water out of the concrete and that can lead to cracks.
  3. Deck installation can also be slowed or come to a halt in extreme temperatures. If you’re in dry desert temps, and are having a concrete deck, it is the same situation as above. Wooden decks can be impacted by high humidity and the wood can swell and/or warp during the construction.

The safety of the pool construction crew is of utmost importance to the pool contractor and his business. He doesn’t want to take any risks with his workers’ health by making them perform such demanding physical labor in extreme heat.

If your pool project will be delayed because of the weather, your pool contractor will give you a heads up and should be able to let you know when it can get back on track and what the delay means to your being able to swim.