You’re going to get a swimming pool. Congratulations!! The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee offer these tips for finding the best pool builder for your project. Finding a pool builder who understands what you want, can work within your budget to help you get the pool of your dreams and with whom you feel comfortable is a large part of the pool construction process.

Take your time when choosing a pool builder. You want to make a good match and find a pool contractor who is experienced and can deliver on his or her promises for your unique project.

A swimming pool is costly and will be with you for decades and that makes it crucial that the relationship you have with your pool builder is one that works for you. Also, your pool builder could also be your pool service contractor as well as the person upon whom you call to open the pool, close the pool and make emergency visits or upgrade and update the equipment.

Tips for finding the best pool builder for your project

Here are some tips for finding a pool builder for your project:

  • What do you want for your pool? Find a contractor who can construct, and has constructed, the type of pool you want. Knowing the type of pool you want helps you locate a contractor qualified to build it.
  • How much experience does the pool contractor have and how long has he or she been in business?
  • Ask for references from other customers they’ve built pools for. Call those people and ask about their experience.
  • Check out online reviews.
  • Does the contractor have special training? Is he up to date on current construction and service trends?

When you’re talking with your pool contractor, consider this:

  • Know what your dream for your pool is and tell your contractor everything you want in the pool. Share with him your budget and he can help you determine what is possible based on what you have to spend.
  • Remember, price isn’t the only factor you need to base your pool construction decision on.
  • Find a pool contractor who will return your calls and answer your questions.
  • Look for a contractor who has an easy to understand contract. Also, a contractor shouldn’t ask for full payment up front. Most pool contractors are billed based on milestones of the construction project.

Obtain quotes from at least three potential pool contractors and don’t be pressured into signing any contract.