Do you plan to get a swimming pool this summer? Do you know how to swim? You certainly don’t have to know how to swim if you own a swimming pool, but it might make it more fun! Many pool owners that the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee may not know how to swim, but if they have a pool that is not too deep and if the individual wears a life vest, they can enjoy the water!

Children who learn to swim will certainly enjoy the pool more and will even be safer in the family swimming pool and if they are in other, open water. Swimming brings with it so many benefits including getting healthy in a no impact way and having fun with friends and family.

Swimming is ideal for people of all ages — from babies to seniors!

There are steps you can take to teach yourself to swim or to teach your children to swim — it’s a personal choice, but if you have a pool you could even hire someone to come and teach your family right in your own pool!

Do you know how to swim?

Here are some things you, and everyone who uses your pool, need to know about being in and around a swimming pool.

  • Rules of the pool: This mean you need to have a healthy respect for the pool at all times. It doesn’t mater, though if you’re in the pool or in a lake or stream you should NEVER swim alone. If you’re in the pool with people who cannot swim, they should wear a life vest and someone should always be within arms’ reach.
  • Go slowly: Remember the wives tales of how a friend got thrown into the water and they had to “sink or swim” and that was how they “learned” to swim? Well, let’s hope that isn’t true and let’s never take that road toward swimming! If you, or someone you’re with, doesn’t know how to swim, ease into the water slowly. Stay in the shallow end and calmly get into the water. Wear a life vest. If you’re teaching a child to swim, go even more slowly. Never make them afraid of the water. If all they want to do is sit on the side of the pool and kick their feet, let them. When they’re doing that, though, put them in a life vest and stay right next to them.
  • Treading water: Your swim instructor will probably teach you to tread water. This is a swim method that can be a literal lifesaver. Treading water will help you keep your head above water and not expend too much energy while waiting for someone to save you. Let’s hope you’re never in this situation because you won’t be swimming alone and if you don’t know how to swim you will be wearing a life vest, but it is a swim method you should learn.

When you work with a swim instructor, he or she will slowly teach you swim safety and how to swim. Each lesson will build up on the other and you will want to practice between lessons. If the entire family needs to learn to swim because you’re getting your own swimming pool, it will be a great time for you to all be together and cheer one another on!

Ask us for information and advice on the swim safety equipment you should have around your pool and for insight into a local swim instructor.