There are so many decisions you need to make before and during the swimming pool construction project. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN have long conversations with their clients because they caution, don’t rethink these three items. We will list them below and we know that there are some decisions that could be extremely costly if you decide, “I wish we wouldn’t have do/or did do…XYZ”?

Your pool contractor can likely help with these decisions, but it’s always best to truly think through your project before the shovels hit the earth. A swimming pool project is complex and costly and you don’t want to realize too late that you simply don’t like something about your original design idea.

It is so much easier to make any changes on paper before any construction begins. That’s why you don’t want to rush into the project simply to “get it done” so you can get swimming.

Don’t rethink these three items

  1. The size of the pool. When thinking about your entire pool project, remember it isn’t just about the pool — it’s about the entire functionality of the pool and the way it fits into the backyard. The pool and your backyard elements need to be cohesive. You may also want a smaller pool just so you have more usable greenspace and yard. Conversely, depending on the size of your family, if the pool is too small, you will be cramped and that’s not ideal. Size also encompasses the depth of the pool. In recent years, the trend has been to have a pool that is one depth because the deep end doesn’t get used as often. Also, a deep end is ideal, and required, if you have a diving board, but for playing games or working out — it just doesn’t work as well.
  2. The entry steps or ladder. This may not seem like a big deal, but depending on the style you’re considering, it can be. The steps are important because they can enhance or detract from the entire functionality of the pool. When swimming laps you want a clear, uninterrupted lane. An l-shaped pool is an ideal way to house steps or stairs and not interrupt the flow of swimming. If you have young children, older people or mobility impaired family members, a ladder will be a factor to their being able to use – or not use, the pool.
  3. Spa elevation matters. If you’re having a hot tub or spa included as part of your pool project do you want it elevated or flush with the pool? If elevated, how high? The usual range is between six and eighteen inches. An elevated spa allows for additional seating area. If you’re going to place furniture bu the side of the spa, an eighteen inch elevation is the ideal size to place a chair next to — after all if you want to have a conversation you want to be comfortable. A higher spa is aesthetically pleasing and can be decorated or even house a fountain feature.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know which decision is the right one when you’re faced with so many during the pool construction project. Take your time and do your research and ask your pool contractor to supply you with drawings that incorporate any changes you are considering and then think about them and live with them for a while before you make any decision.

We know that even if you think, “I wish I would have done XYZ” you will still be so thrilled with your pool that you won’t regret any decision — other than not getting a pool sooner!