Tipton Pools contractors offer Earth Day swimming pool tips to its customers and to swimming pool owners across the country. Earth Day will be celebrated April 22 and is an annual celebration that reminds us to be friendlier to the earth.

What can you, as a swimming pool owner, do to be more earth and environmentally-friendly with your pool?

Earth Day Swimming Pool Tips

Energy efficiency is something that swimming pool owners should look to embrace and your pool contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN says that if you’re still using a single speed pump you are wasting money. If you replace the single speed pump with a variable speed pool pump you could save close to $800 a year. The pump will quickly pay for itself in the money you save on operating it.

Ask us to give your pool a thorough inspection. If the daily operations of your pool are as efficient as they can be, kudos. If not, we can tell you what needs to be addressed in order to make a more energy efficient pool a reality.

If you use a pool heater, turn it off when no one is using the pool. Consider turning it down a degree or two — chances are no one will notice and you will save money! Even a one degree drop in temperature could save you 10% on your heating bill.

Strategic fencing can help lower the speed of water evaporation. Make note of whether wind is blowing across the surface of the pool; if it is, plant some trees to create a windblock to slow down the rate of evaporation.

Use a swimming pool cover. This one piece of equipment will save money on pool operation, slow the rate of water evaporation and also help cut back on the amount of chemicals your pool will need.

Turn off water features and pool lighting when the pool isn’t in use. If no one is there to enjoy these features, there is no need to pay the bill to keep them running.

Ask us for other ways in which your pool can operate more efficiently.