What should you have as part of your family’s swimming pool project? There are so many accessories that you can consider, but should you? Why? Why not? How do you even decide when there are so many items! Talk with your Knoxville, Tennessee swimming pool contractor about features for your family pool.

The best way to know or to narrow down, the types of features for your family pool is by knowing what your budget is for the project and how much you will have left over once the pool itself has been constructed. Here features your Knoxville, Tennessee swimming pool contractor offer for your consideration.

Features for your family pool

  1. Before you kick off a project as large as swimming pool construction, consult with a swimming pool designer and make certain you’re comfortable with the fact that you are utilizing your space to its best use with the swimming pool design you’ve chosen. You may see an area in your yard as the “perfect” space for a pool, but your contractor sees peaks, valley, difficult to ascertain lot lines and other challenges that the lay person may not notice.
  2. Make certain your pool contractor is using the best quality products; don’t skimp on construction materials that won’t stand the test of time. The products, color finishes and tile and coping should be items that will stand the test of time. Expect a quality pool construction project to last for decades. Invest in the highest quality construction material and equipment as possible.
  3. You may not be investing in an entire backyard overhaul, but you should understand the options available. Don’t forget to consider a deck and other outdoor living areas that are adjacent to the pool. You wlll spend just as much time — if not more — around the pool as you do in the pool.
  4. Each municipality has its own set of rules and regulations that must be followed during and after a pool construction project. You will need to budget for pool fencing and should also budget for a safety cover and even floating swimming pool alarms to prevent any accidents. Safety add-ons should be in the budget from the start.
  5. Additional water features such as a built in hot tub or spa, slide, diving board or sun shelves can definitely be part of the project if you have the budget for them. Ask your pool contractor about the timing of the addition of water features. For example, it makes more sense to install pool lighting during the construction project than trying to retrofit it later. Ask us what items should be done up front and which items can be done at a later date when your budget allows.

Letting your pool contractor know your budget up front will help you get the pool of your dreams and will help you budget for other items that can be added as your budget permits at a later time.