High tech is taking over our lives and we love it! If you have any smart home devices you know that artificial intelligence will help you with your shopping list, turning on the radio, locking the doors and more. Go high tech with your hot tub in the same way — with an app to turn on the heater and jets and even remove or replace the cover!

Talk with the swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Tipton Pools in Tennessee and let them know that you want to add some remote control accessories to your hot tub. One of the main benefits of this is that you can “set it and forget it” when it comes to running the pump and filter and the heater and jets and more.

No matter whether you want a remote control built into your hot tub or spa or if you want a waterproof controller that can float around in the water with you, they are handy when you want to change the temperature or jet strength while you’re soaking. The remote and if you use an app can be programmed to operate your stereo, outside lighting and other entertainment devices and you won’t have to leave the comfort of that heated water.

Go high tech with your hot tub

Ask us whether your hot tub and its equipment is able to handle a remote control operation. Depending on the age of the hot tub or equipment, you may not have the ability to update, unless you upgrade.

Look for wireless remotes to operate your pool equipment. It’s nice because you won’t need to maneuver around and point the remote at the unit you’d like to operate. There are also wireless remotes that can be turned on and off via your cell phone app and that’s a boon for hot tub owners who want to have the hot tub up and running when they get home from work.

If you love high tech and want to make your life easier and the hot tub operations smoother, talk with us and let’s discuss remote control and other high tech options for your hot tub.