Winter is here and your swimming pool work is done for the season, right? Well, not so fast! You may find yourself looking out the window at the pool and seeing the snow-covered pool and you may wonder how to care for your pool’s winter cover or whether it will be all right if you don’t do anything with it until spring. You may want to rethink that and start paying attention to your pool — even in the winter. It won’t take much care, but you will want to at least give it a close up once over to assure the cover is intact and that it hasn’t blown up or that it’s not too weighted down by snow or ice.

Caring for your swimming pool in the winter will only take you a few moments once or twice a week. What you will want to do, the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN say is give it a once over. Walk around the pool, check the tightness of the cords and tie downs and make certain the pool cover isn’t buried under snow or ice.

How to care for your pool’s winter cover

  1. If there is a windstorm coming check the pool to make certain the cover is tightt If a windstorm comes through without warning, check the pool after the storm to check the ties and make certain the pool remains covered.
  2. Check the pool cover after a snow fall or after rain and a freeze. To remove snow from a pool cover, be careful. Don’t use a shovel. Carefully use a pool or roof rake and gently move the snow from the middle of the pool cover to the edges then brush it off.
  3. Do not pull chunks of ice off the cover. You run the risk of the ice ripping the cover if it’s frozen to it. Also, if you move a large chunk of ice and drop it, it could fall through the cover and into the pool.
  4. If there is standing water on the cover, grab a shop vac and vacuum it off.
  5. Check the pool and the cover at least weekly.

If there is damage to the pool cover or the pool itself give us a call and ask us to come and inspect the pool and to see if the cover can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Don’t leave the cover on the pool that is ripped, torn or flapping in the breeze as it could cause damage to the pool.

When is the last time you inspected your swimming pool and its cover? If you can’t remember, please check it today!