If you’re a night swimming family you know why pool lighting matters. Even if you don’t spend too much time swimming at night, you might not think about the benefits and beauty that swimming pool lighting matters and how it can add to the beauty of your swimming pool. Talk with your pool contractor fom Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN when you’re in the midst of your new pool construction project or if you want to undertake a pool renovation and remodeling project as that could be the ideal time to have in pool lighting installed.

When you have in pool lighting installed you don’t have to stop the party after the sun has gone down — in fact you may find that your pool party will amp up under the moonlight and in the glow of your pool lights.

Why pool lighting matters

Swimming pool lighting adds to the aesthetics of your swimming pool and to the safety you and your friends and family will have when the lights turn on after the sun has gone down. The myriad colors of lights you can have installed can even enhance the theme and mood of any parites that you’re throwing this summer.

It is probably best to have a pool contractor install any pool lighting because electricity and water don’t mix and that is a task best left to the professionals.

  1. The cost for pool lighting can be a few hundred dollars a year to operate. The costs for having in pool lighting installed will depend on how many lights you’re having, whether it’s part of a new pool construction project or whether it’s a stand alone. Yearly maintenance may require the changing of the occasional bulb, but if you use LED lighting, that will be even less frequent. A pool lighting installation project can range from as little as $500 up to more than $2,000 depending on how intricate you want the lighting and how big your pool is.
  2. LED lighting is the most eco-friendly and longest-lasting of the pool lighting styles. Floating pool lighting — these are solar powered — are even more eco friendly and friendly for your budget. This type of lighting is ideal if you don’t want to tear up the pool walls to install inpool lighting. Solar floating lights soak up the sun all day and then shine at night. They sit on the surface of the water and light up the pool floor.
  3. Fiber optic lighting is considered a luxury option. Fiber optic lighting offers up a gentle glow that will light the entire pool. Fiber optic lighting is not as long-lasting as LED lighting, so will require more maintenance.
  4. Operating the lights with a remote controlled device makes it easy to change the lighting to suit the mood and this is helpful if you’re having a party.
  5. Swimming pool safety lights are necessary if you’re using the pool and the surrounding deck and outdoor living space after the sun goes down. Safety lighting can, and probably should be installed, if you have a swimming pool with a deep end. Pool safety lights are functional and enhance the safety for those using the pool but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful as well.

Consider both the form and the function of your inpool lighting and talk with us about the mood you’re hoping to set and the ultimate goal of your pool lighting.