Sand filters for swimming pools continue to be popular for their effectiveness and efficiency. There will come a time though when your swimming pool contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN will recommend a sand change. How to change the sand in the pool filter is something we want to explain and is something that we will do as part of a pool service visit.

Depending on the type of pool maintenance contract you have, it may be included or it may be at an added charge, but we will let you know before the process gets underway. Keep in mind that it may be around five years before the sand will need to be changed and you can see it isn’t something that will keep you from swimming on a regular basis.

The sand in your pool filter is .45 to .55 mm in diameter when it’s new it is very rough. It is the roughness of the sand that helps the filter do its work. The roughness of the sand grabs onto dirt particles and keeps them out of the pool water. Over time, the sand gets smooth and doesn’t filter as well as it should and that can lead to water that is dirtier than you want it to be.

How to change the sand in the pool filter

We can determine if the sand efficiency is diminished and one of the main ways is because of the water chemistry being off-balance and our having to put more sanitizer into the water to keep it cleaner. After five years the sand has worn down enough that dirt can become lodged so deeply that even backwashing won’t address it.

Here is what we will do when we change the sand in the pool filter.

  1. We open the filters to remove the sand.
  2. Once the filter has been removed the sand will be dug out.
  3. After the sand has been removed the filter will be cleaned and the internal working parts examined.
  4. If there is dirt build up your pool tech soaks the parts in a mixture of water and muriatic acid to get rid of the build up.
  5. The filter will be cleaned and rinsed and then be ready for installation.
  6. Water will be added until the tank is half full before new sand will be added.
  7. Every time a bag of sand has been added, it will be leveled by hand.
  8. Once the correct amount of sand has been added, the filter will be reassembled and put back into your pool.

You could certainly DIY changing the sand in the filter, but why not give us a call and see if you want us to inspect your pool and inspect the efficiency of your sand filter and give you a recommendation.