Should you get a hot tub? Will you want your hot tub to be incorporated into your swimming pool or will you want it to be a stand alone structure in a secluded corner of the yard? How to choose a hot tub is a question fielded by the pool contractors from Tipton Pools regularly. When you’re buying a hot tub or spa you will want to investigate your options, just as you did when you had your swimming pool constructed. One of the many decisions you will make will be the placement of the hot tub.

Set your budget for the hot tub project and know what that will be when you meet with a hot tub contractor. Plan to spend anywhere between $5,000 and $25,000 (or more) depending on the accessories. An in ground hot tub will require site excavation and landscaping and will cost more than a stand alone. A stand-alone structure, though will require a slab for placement. An in pool model could be a much larger project and may mean that your pool won’t be available for swimming during the construction. A hot tub will cost around $20 per month in operating and maintenance costs — something to budget for.

How to choose a hot tub

Once you’ve checked your budget and are beginning the research for your hot tub, make certain you check with the pool contractor and the hot tub manufacturer to see what the warranty information is on the hot tub.

Where will it go?

Do you have a deck next to the house where you can place it? Will it be in an outdoor grotto? Do yoiu have a room in the house where you will place it? Do you need to plan a major construction project and have your hot tub incorporated into your swimming pool?

What area of the country do you live in? If you live in an area prone to snow, you may want the hot tub close so you can get to it easily in the winter. There is nothing better on a snowy evening than to slip into the soothing, bubbling water and watching the snow melt on the surface.

What about plumbing and electricity?

Talk with your swimming pool builder about the utilities you will need for it – do you have a water source nearby? Will you need to run electricity for it? Will you need to run underground plumbing and electric or will housing the hot tub next to the pool or house make it easier to plumb and run electric?

Try them out

Make sure you sit in and “sample” hot tubs to get a feel for how they fit you. Make certain the seats are comfortable and check out the various types of jets you want. You will need to decide whether you want therapeutic jets or simple jets. If it is going to have to fit people of disparate heights you want seats that comfortably fit everyone.

Talk with the swimming pool builder about the type of cover you should purchase. You want a quality cover. They can be heavy so you might want to invest in a cover lifter. Using a cover keeps the water safe from the elements and will also keep wildlife from falling into the water as they will be drawn to its warmth and it will save you money.