How to choose a pool builder, Tipton Pool Contractors explain 

You wouldn’t go to a mechanic or hire a home builder without researching first, and you shouldn’t hire a swimming pool contractor before you do your research. How to choose a pool builder is something that you need to determine when you’re considering a pool project for your family. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee explain you may want to turn to the Internet as your first source for seeking a contractor in your area. Check online reviews. Don’t forget to check on Facebook or Twitter for comments and recommendations from clients.

Before you meet with a pool builder, narrow your choices to three, making sure you have done your online research before you meet with them. Their websites will let you know whether they offer the services you’re seeking and their online pool gallery will show you examples of projects they’ve completed.

Following your online research, check the contractor’s credentials and whether he or she is licensed to operate in your state. Make sure the builder has a CSP Certified Service Professional on staff. You can ask whether he or his staff undergo ongoing training.

How to choose a pool builder

If a pool builder you’ve found doesn’t have a gallery of completed pools on his site, that might raise a red flag. You will want to see a portfolio of completed work. Most pool websites have a page specifically dedicated to the work they have accomplished; it’s there because they are proud of the work they have completed and want to show it off to new, potential customers. If a pool builder has pool designs you like, make a note of it and ask about it.

Shop around for at least three pool contractors when seeking quotes. Make an appointment with potential contractors once you find a couple of pool builders that seem to fit your needs. They should happily supply you with names and contact information from former customers you can speak with.

You’re probably shopping for price as well as style so make certain you tell the contractor what your budget is. Also, when you receive estimates or quotations make sure you are comparing apples to apples, price-wise. Keep in mind that a quote might be higher than another and the reason could be because of equipment installed — if you notice this, ask why a contractor is recommending one type of equipment over another. You may find that a higher upfront price tag will bring a lower ongoing cost for your pool.

Does the pool builder have plaques on the walls that speak to special training the builder or his staff have undergone, any professional affiliations, any awards for any civic or other duties? While being involved in the community isn’t a requirement for a pool contractor, many business people do belong to associations and community organizations and are proud to announce that fact.

Don’t sign a contract until you are satisfied with the terms and conditions and with feeling all of your questions have been answered. Your contractor will request an upfront payment before they begin any work but we caution you against working with any contractor who would make you pay in full. It’s typical to pay in installments as portions of the work are complete with the final payment being required once you are satisfied with the work that was performed. These installment payments will be spelled out in the contract.

A swimming pool is a long-term investment and not one you want to make without having undertaken research and time. After the pool construction is complete and you’re enjoying your pool you will be happy you took your time and did due diligence.

Bottom line, trust your intuition. If you like the pool contractor and if he or she answers your questions and you feel comfortable, it is a factor you should consider when making a final decision.