You absolutely love your swimming pool, don’t you? Do you love your outdoor living space? If you’re not sure or if you have realized you spend more time around the pool as you do swimming, you will want to have a comfortable place to relax. How to choose poolside furniture is something the pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN talks with pool owners about.

Making a choice on the pool furniture will be determined by the way in which you will use the outdoor living space. Will you have romantic dinners for two? Large family parties? Small gatherings? Some mix of all of these? Know how you will use the space and you will be better able to choose the furniture for it.

How to choose poolside furniture

Here are tips to choose your poolside furniture.

  1. What is your personal style? Do you want your poolside space to match your home or do you want the poolside space to be a completely different look than your home or other living spaces?
  2. What material do you want to sit upon when you’re poolside? That is a big decision.
  3. How much time and effort do you want to put into furniture maintenance? How much will you want to spend on the furniture and for how long do you want to “live with it”?
  4. Sketch out how you want the seating and furniture and tables to look like. Try out different layouts and configurations. Think about cozy parties, larger events and everyday seating configurations.
  5. Do you want any of the furniture to do double duty? Tables that act as storage units, for example.
  6. Opt for a variety of seating choices. Ottomans, chairs, sofas, etc. Invest in some furniture that is easy to move around when guests want to sit in a specific area.

Consider, too whether the furniture will be under an awning or roof or other way in which to get out of the sun if your guests want to. Spend time researching and sitting on various types of furniture and materials before you make a decision. Don’t forget to consider the ease with which cushions and material are cared for and cleaned.