How to choose the best swimming pool design is a question the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN get asked all the time — and with good reason. When you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on the family swimming pool you want to know you’re going to truly have the swimming pool of your dreams.

The “best pool design” is very subjective, though and relies on many factors including:

  1. The size of your family
  2. The size of the yard space
  3. How you will use the pool
  4. Your personal taste
  5. Your budget

Gunite aka concrete pool construction material allows you to have a pool designed in almost any shape you can imagine (and you will pay for that unique design option). Just know you don’t have to choose from a kidney or a traditional rectangle design — even fiberglass and vinyl liner pools offer options for design that were not once imagined possible.

Your swimming pool and its unique shape enhances the aesthetics of the yard and your home. The size and shape of the backyard and the space you want to devote to your swimming pool will be the two deciding factors on the best shape for your family.

How to choose the best swimming pool design

Here are some options to consider when talking with us about your swimming pool project

  • Grecian/Roman-shaped: A basic rectangle with semi-circles at both ends are the mark of Roman pools; Grecian pool designs have truncated edges. This a subtle style.
  • Kidney-shaped: This is a traditional shape but is still popular today. This will accentuate the shape of an oddly-shaped or unique-shaped yard. A kidney shaped pool is a fun, relaxing design.
  • L-shaped — lazy and true: These pools can either have a sharp, L or a lazy L that has a more sloped, sweeping design. A true L-shaped pool has a sharp 45 degree angle. This is a shape that takes up a lot of yard space — take that into consideration.
  • Oval: Classic, elegant and understated. This shape is more inexpensive than other designs.
  • Rectangle: This remains the most common and cost effective design. It takes up quite a bit of yard space, but offers a lot of swim area.

Fix your budget then talk with your pool contractor. He will pay a site visit and let you know which design will fit in the available space and in with your budget.