The number of decisions you have to make when you’re going to be a new pool owner or even have your swimming pool remodeled are mind-boggling! Now, did you think about how to choose the steps for your pool? did you even give any thought to steps!? Some new pool owners never give it a thought, but you need to.

The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pool Builders in Knoxville, Tennessee will talk with you about the various types of steps, their placement and whether you want built-in steps or a pool ladder. There are many considerations for steps you may not have ever considered.

How to choose the steps for your pool

Built-in pool steps or a ladder to get into and out of the pool have pros and cons and here they are:

  • ¬†Removable ladder-type steps are just that — able to be removed in order to clean around them. They may also get very hot (the metal in the sun).
  • Ladder-type steps may pose problems for individuals with mobility issues.
  • Ladder steps can also cut into the amount of swim space and that may make a big difference if you are looking to build a lap pool.
  • Inground steps, or even a beach entry, are safer for individuals with mobility issues or for children
  • Built-in steps are considered more aesthetically appealing
  • These steps are as durable as your pool. Ladders need to be eventually replaced
  • Built-in steps are the same construction material as your pool
  • Built-in steps could be constructed in a way that adds to, rather than detracts from, any swim area (this is important if you have a smaller pool or a lap pool)

Consider the pros and cons of each style as well as your budget — it may cost more to have built-in steps for your pool. Take into consideration the age and mobility of everyone in the house and look down the road for any changes in age, number of family members in the house and mobility before you make your decision.

Try out built-in steps and climb down a pool ladder in a swimming pool before you make a decision. You may think you’re happy with a ladder until you use one, and vice versa. Your decisions about pool steps or a ladder are one of the many you will make during the construction or remodeling project — don’t be in a rush to make your decisions. Your pool will be with you for a life time and it has to bring you joy!