Are you new to swimming pool ownership? Have you been paying for the services of a swimming pool maintenance company like Tipton Pools in Knoxville and now want to clean it on your own? Have you been cleaning the pool on your own but just aren’t sure if you’re doing it correctly or as well as you should be? How to clean a swimming pool is something we talk with our customers about all the time.

There are a myriad of things that need to be done on a regular and ongoing basis when you are a swimming pool owner.

How to clean a swimming pool

From light cleaning to deep cleaning we have put together a list of items that are required to keep your swimming pool free of bacteria, the equipment in top working order and to make it always swimmable.

  1. Skimming — a daily, and sometimes more than one time a day task.
  2. Checking the skimmer basket and emptying it.
  3. Making sure the water levels are where they need to be
  4. Brushing the pool walls and floor
  5. Vacuuming the pool
  6. Testing the water chemistry and adding chemicals as necessary
  7. Deep cleaning items like removing stubborn stains on the tiles. Note: A pumice stone can usually do this task!
  8. Cleaning the deck so debris doesn’t fall into the pool
  9. Keeping the pool cover itself clean
  10. Checking the pressure of the swimming pool pump to assure it’s in proper ranges.

Feel free to give us a call and we can come and pay a service visit, do a deep cleaning and give you a Pool Cleaning 101 lesson so you can take over the task on your own if that’s the direction you choose to take!