Labor Day typically signals the end of summer for many areas of the country. The kids are going back to school and the days are getting shorter and colder. If you’re wondering how to close a pool for the winter, the swimming pool contractors in Knoxville, Tennessee have the solutions, expertise and knowledge to take on the task for pool owners. Even though there are many warm days ahead you might want to contact a pool service contractor from Tipton Pools to see how long it would take to get on their schedule for a pool closing and the time frames in which they suggest closing the pool for the season.

How to close a pool for the winter

  1. Water chemistry is checked and balanced.
  2. swimming pool coverThe pool will be thoroughly cleaned. Leaving dirt or debris behind can lead to stained liners.
  3. Winterizing chemicals will be added. These chemicals keep the water quality protected during the long winter months.
  4. The filter, pump basket and skimmer will be cleaned before storage. All unused chlorine will be removed from the chlorinator and the sand in your filter and grids will be cleaned and backwashed.
  5. Your tech will either install a skimmer guard and plug the return line or lower the water in the pool to a level below the water returns.
  6. Hoses will be removed for the winter and drain plugs will be removed from the pump, filter tank and other equipment. Keep all of the equipment and plugs in a safe, warm dry place that you will have easy access to when the new swimming season rolls around.
  7. If you have air pillows to protect your pool and the cover use them to keep the pool cover from sinking into the pool.
  8. The winter swimming pool cover will be put in place to keep dirt, debris and rain and snow from getting into the pool. Check the pool cover occasionally and pump off excess water so it doesn’t damage the pool cover or the pool itself.

You don’t have to close the pool today, but you might want to pinpoint a pool closing date and then contact us to get your pool secure for the winter season.