Tipton Pool builders offer hot tub tips to keep the water clean and those who use the hot tub happy. There are many ways of how to keep your hot tub clean, and we offer tips to do that — some of which might surprise you!

How to keep your hot tub clean

  • Shower before you (and your guests) get into the hot tub and when you get out. Rinse your swim suits in plain water before you get in. If you wash your suit in a machine it could have laundry soap residue that could upset the hot tub water chemistry.
  •  Ask guests to bring their own towels — this won’t do anything to keep the hot tub water clean, but it will cut back on the amount of laundry you have to do.
  • If you have any open cuts or sores, you may want to stay out of the hot tub. Any bacteria in the water can lead to an infection of your injury. If you have ointment on your cut, that can get into the pool water.
  • Don’t add any bubble bath or other foreign substances into the water.
  • Don’t eat in the hot tub. Just as you wouldn’t eat in your swimming pool, food should be kept out of the hot tub as well.
  • Don’t combine alcohol and a soak in a hot tub. Alcohol is dehydrating and so is the hot tub, don’t drink and soak.
  • Keep electronic devices away from the hot tub. When you’re in the hot tub, enjoy yourself there and unplug for a while. Also, if you drop your phone into the hot tub, chances are it will be destroyed.
  • Keep your pets out of the hot tub. They may enjoy the pool, but the hot tub should be off limits.
  • Children should be allowed to soak for no more than ten minutes at a time. The heat of the water can lead to dehydration so make sure they’re drinking a lot of water before and after a soak.

Allow your guests to move from seat to seat so they can enjoy the different types of jets you have in your hot tub.